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      Asylum Research is the Technology Leader in Atomic Force Microscopy

      Find the Best AFM for Your Research

      Atomic force microscopy: Cypher Family of AFMS

      Cypher Family of AFMs

      • Ultra-high resolution
      • Unmatched speed
      • Simple environmental control
      • Fast and easy to get great results
      Atomic force microscopy: Jupiter XR AFM

      Jupiter XR AFM

      • Highest resolution large-sample AFM
      • 5-20× faster imaging than most AFMs
      • Simpler experience, from setup to results
      • Ideal for both research and industrial R&D
      Atomic force microscopy: MFP-3D Family of AFMS

      MFP-3D Family of AFMs

      • High performance
      • Widest range of modes and accessories
      • Simple to use yet flexible
      • Solutions for every budget

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